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A highly experienced team of financial, accounting and analytical professionals focused on providing the most reliable, highest quality, Investment Research and Analytical Services.

  • CBFR was founded by a group of experienced, high-energy, finance professionals, who since 2005 have been providing Investment Research and Analytical services to a variety of clients including, research houses, investment funds and corporates.
  • We help clients with investment research and analytical services through client-specific proprietary products. We keep client objectives foremost in our minds, fostering long-term relationships.
  • Our core motive is to give the best guidance and render wholesome services in the field of research to our worldwide prospect clients in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  • Our team comprises of both qualified young professionals and industry veterans like business and finance analysts with MBA in finance, Chartered Accountants and CFA’s that allow the user of our services to focus on high value aspects of fundamental investment decision making process, while leaving the tedium and resource intensive tasks to the analysts at CBFR.

Our Research Process Methodology involves assessment of economic, qualitative and financial parameters of each of the company followed by us. The economic and qualitative parameters focused by us in our report can broadly be classified into Macro-economic environment, Industry considerations and lastly company specific factors. While focusing on the financial parameters we start by building a detailed financial model on each company in excel spread sheet, updating them with quarterly earnings, following management changes in guidance and input from client. These financial models are specifically tailored as per clients approach/structure and can be customized for industry types and accounting principles.


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