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- Research Analyst: 

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Create detailed financial models and prepare analytical reports based on the models and company reports.
  2. Understand and report about the financial health of the company by analyzing financial reports and models on the company. Study and understand business activity of the company and make financial forecasts by using various forecasting techniques.
  3. Ability to create new Research products by using database available on the company and also to augment the database by doing further research on different aspects of the business operations of the company.
  4. To provide information to management by assembling and summarizing data; preparing reports; making presentations of findings, analyses, and recommendations.
Skills Required:
  • Report writing
  • Financial and Analytical Skills
  • Thorough understanding of the financial statements
  • Forecasting techniques and Statistical Analysis
  • Must be comfortable in using computers, especially MS Excel, MS Word and MS Power Point
  • MUST possess strong communication skills and should be comfortable to converse in English and should have a pleasant personality

  • CA’s, MBA (Fin.), CFA’s
  • Candidates holding Bachelors degree and pursuing professional courses with Finance as specialization can apply for internship

  • 1.5 to 2 years experience of relevant industry

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